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Hello, I am Julian and I am a London based photographer. I first picked up a camera about 15 years ago and loved it.

I am a people person through and through and enjoy working together with folk to create fantastic end results that most importantly make everyone happy.

My background before photography was always music. My degree was in the cello although I have played guitar in bands for as long as I can remember. Live music and songwriting are two of my main passions.

So whether you need someone to document your event in all its splendour or a crisp professional headshot for your corporate socials like Linkedin or a company website, or a more relaxed portrait of your family or pet then get in touch and let's talk. My sole interest is in making images that not only stand out and satisfy me as a photographer, but also exceed your expectations. I love to seek out the details or the subtleties of a subject or scene and highlight them to be as beautiful or interesting as possible.​ My home studio can be made portable for outdoor location shooting which give us endless flexibility for location.

It would be amiss of me if I didn't mention that I am a massive animal lover who likes BOTH cats AND dogs equally. Dogs are easier to photograph though as their faces are more expressive.

Just get in touch at the email or phone number at the bottom of the page or quickly fill in the contact form with any requests or questions and I will get back to you asap.

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